Guidelines for OER assessment

The OERTest project was set up with the aim of putting into place a framework by which the assessment and recognition of learning using Open Educational Resources (OER) could take place in a systemised and quality-controlled manner. Consulting widely, the project brought together an expert group, made up of stakeholders from eight Higher Education and Education policy organisations, to consider the deficiencies of current procedures in achieving this goal, and to propose solutions.

The guidelines, together with usage instructions, make up the OERTest proposition for addressing this issue. The guidelines are not meant for use in the design of assessment tests for OER-based learning, since in our studies we could not find any differences between OER and closed-licence distance learning which would be relevant to assessment design. Thus, these guidelines are intended mainly for use in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), in specific learning, assessment and recognition contexts.


This document is being released in draft format for public comentary. We welcome comments and feedback on the principles discussed here. All feedback should be sent to